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 "The IFC Personal Training Team has been a good partner program for my swimmers. They have systematically worked and changed the way my swimmers think of strength and conditioning. IFC Personal Training has created numerous programs that catered specifically to each athlete. Glenn Victor who is a SEA Games Gold medallist from Indonesia is one of the swimmers who have benefited from the IFC Personal Training program in Singapore. 

In addition to that, several other National swimmers from Singapore and Norway have also benefitted from the program. IFC Personal Training is also able to handle big training groups as well and design programs specific to big training groups of various sports teams. As a national coach of Singapore, I would highly recommend IFC Personal Training to anyone who wishes to up their game in their sport or just to get trim and fit" Gary Tan, Head Coach (United World College SEA) (Dover) Pheonix Swim Team, Elite Coach (Swimfast Aquatic Group) , National Stroke Coach (Individual Medley), Owner of Swim Lab Pte Ltd


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"Until four years ago I thought going to the gym and lifting weights was all a bit boring….that all changed when I started Personal Training with Aaron.  Over the years he’s helped me to achieve some extraordinary results and a half marathon to boot!!  The best thing is that he makes heavy work seem like fun!" Daphne Flynn


 "I was given Aaron’s number by my tennis coach Viken. It took a few months to pluck up the courage to finally call him as I was dreading the pain that I thought I would have to endure. Initially, it was a bit of a drag to go along, as… oh my goodness I had to work hard for an hour, but slowly the scales started to drop and my shape began to change. Soon I would go to personal training and find the hour flew by without me knowing. 

As for Aaron, what can I say… he is a professional guy, who is a stickler for technique, which I feel produces results and prevents injury. He changes the personal training sessions constantly to suit your personal strengths and weaknesses. But most importantly when you need the support and encouragement (and a good laugh) ...he’s the guy. 

And now… well apart from the weight loss I can see muscles in my body I never knew I had plus the old weight loss cliché - I feel stronger, fitter and most importantly younger!" Michele Swaine


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"In prepation for a 250 kilometre trek in Namibia I decided to get a personal trainer and hit the gym first. Matthew Chapman had sworn by his personal trainer for the previous four years, so it was easy for me to emulate his routine. In the first week of January 2008 I had my first personal training session with Aaron, little did I know then that I would spend more time with Aaron than any other friend in 2008. Aaron, all credit goes to you for setting me on another unexpected new course: enjoying going to the gym. " Oscar Fuchs


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"Meeting and training with Aaron changed my perception of peronal training in a gym completely - it can be fun! The workouts vary completely. I never know what we will be doing in each session – what I do know is that Aaron will make me work hard and won’t let me off the hook. I am seeing huge benefits that I didn’t expect more stamina, more energy and jogging is now easier! 

I have not made Aaron’s life easy. I have been training with him for about seven years and in that time he has trained me through three pregnancies and more importantly he has also been helping me get my pre-pregnancy figure back. No easy task." Annabel Moore

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"Mr. Pink is observant of technique to ensure an optimum safe personal training work-out.  I never realised that exercise could be efficient, targeting multiple muscle groups, great for a lazy person like me!  I have benefited from my twice-weekly personal training sessions with better fitness, strength, and greater energy.  I find that I have to hit the snooze button less often these days to get my day started.  He’s also a genuinely nice guy!  Pleasure to work out with" Anita Sam


"When I was introduced to the IFC personal training team by my coach I was skeptical they could help improve my swimming performance, but after a few weeks of personal training there the results started to speak for themselves. Carl delivered what was promised in a very helpful and professional manner" Omar, Indonesian National Swim Team 2005 - 2011, 50m Free National Record Holder, Coach of HIU Surabaya Swimming Club Indonesia.



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"I have been training with IFC personal training for the last 12 years. I credit them for the wonderful rehabilitative training provided post my knee surgery. IFC's personal training program is really a 360degree program which took care of my fitness, nutrition as well as the healing my knee needed post surgery. Service was top notch professional, and the trainers are highly knowledgeable and experienced" Joanna Ash


"Aaron really understands and responds to individual training needs . He helped me train way past some serious back problems and become the fittest I have ever been..wish I was back in Singapore Aaron..I would be knocking on your door for sure!! You spoilt me for any other personal trainer !! Others just don't measure up" Laurel Jackson


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"Two thumbs up. One of the very few gyms here where the personal trainers are long term and won't change on you every few months, and you don't have to jostle with dozens of other gym rats. Aaron, Carl and Pinky rock !" Pomp Wong

"I have trained with Aaron from IFC personal training and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone keen on getting highly skilled input into their training regime (whilst being [almost] fun). The sessions are attentive to personal objectives and push you to achieve the results you are after whilst taking into account other sport you may be doing along with any injuries. I have also gained new knowledge regarding nutrition along the way" Danielle Nicholas

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“I’m glad to have started my first personal training experience with the IFC trainer Rafi. He makes you feel at ease but at the same time pushes you hard. I would say my best achievement from training with Rafi so far was to achieve a new personal best time for my last half marathon. Rafi is able to customise gym work with running technique to improve my running efficiency. More importantly, physically and mentally I look and feel better!” Ong Mae Mae


"I first started working out with Aaron in 2010. I had trained in the gym for several years but had never really gotten anywhere. Aaron immediately concentrated on improving my form, as well as getting me to think a lot more about eating and sleeping better. His greatest talent is to intuitively understand the physical and mental state of his clients, and he then tweaks the workouts accordingly. With a heightened focus on my and Aaron's part in my training regime in the last 9 months, I have got results under Aaron that I never thought were possible. Carl and Greg, who I train with, when Aaron is busy, have been well trained and I find their work outs very consistent with whats needed in my weekly plan" Matt

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When it comes to losing weight, there is no magic formula. It takes a lot of discipline, lifestyle change and support. Big or small, that change does matter. For one who has two slipped discs and sprained both ankles more than twice, I do have my concerns when it comes to engaging personal trainers. Trust me, I had met those who are more interested in making money than helping their clients. What matters most to me is a trainer who listens, one who has the knowledge/experience of training a person with my injuries and the patience to guide.

My weight loss journey with IFC | PT began in Nov 2013 when I met Aaron and Claudia at the gym for the first time for a chat. From the conversations that we had on that day I know that this is a team whom I can trust. Since I hit the gym officially in Jan 2014 training with Claudia, I experienced tremendous changes in my body. Not only I felt lighter from the kilos that I had lost but also felt healthier and started to utilise muscles that had been hibernating for eons. I am more vigilant on my diet, thanks to Aaron who has been guiding me since day one.

Without the support, guidance and patience of Aaron, Claudia and Greg (whom I'm training with now) I wouldn't be where I am now, better shape than I was for years. My journey is still on-going and I have no qualms recommending IFC | PT to the people I know or anyone for I know whoever I recommend will be well taken care. The IFC | PT team are truly passionate fun bunch of trainers and have great relationship with their clients!