New Year, New Start - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

After over-indulging yourself during the Christmas period (raise your hands if you’re guilty of eating too many mince pies), it seems to be the perfect time to kick start the new year with a fitness and health journey. More often than not, you start out strong and on a mission, exercise hard for a few weeks then end up getting injured or drop off the routine, prematurely ending your journey.

January 10,000 stair challenge! - IFC Personal Training Singapore

This January the IFC team are inviting you to join them with their 3 week 10,000 stair challenge!

We all know that the festive season is the time to eat, drink and be merry, however all those fun and festivities can catch up on you, and play havoc with your personal health and fitness goals (might just be speaking from experience here!)

Stair training is the ultimate way to challenge yourself as well as burn off some that festive cheer.