Pilates: Out of Office - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

Want an excuse to leave the office on time? Try our new Pilates class every Tuesday at 7pm with our Graduate Sports Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Dipti. If you’re more of an early bird, IFC now offer a delightful 7am class too every Thursday.

What you need to know;

  • These are small group mat-based clinical Pilates classes ideal for anyone who gets tired of sitting long hours in front of a computer
  • Or suffers from lower back pain and bad posture
  • And someone who simply wants to feel better, stronger, more mindful and relaxed.
  • Exercises are low impact yet challenging and will target deep abdominal/core muscles and develop stronger leaner muscles.
  • Learn to re-educate the body to use the correct muscles with breath.
  • And reconnect the mind with the body.
  • These classes are great for body conditioning and will partner perfectly with your current training, suitable for any age.

Here’s what our clients say….  “Dipti’s Pilates class has been a great regular class for core strength awareness. Strengthening my core has been fundamental in prevention of ongoing back issues, enabling me to maintain my regular gym; running; cycling and keeping up with my active husband and child.” Helen Cheng

“Dipti’s Pilates classes are a great start to my day, providing a combination of physio, fitness and core strength work in one shot! I started classes as rehab from a back injury and now see the all-round benefits of Pilates practice and its suitability for all ages and body types.” Francis Clay

Annie Henderson