Beating yourself up (in the gym) for past indiscretions

It’s easy to get a little over excited at the beginning of the year, trying to make up for past indiscretions, you hit the gym with full force, thinking that beating yourself up is the best way to kick-start your fitness resolution.

This is very far from the truth, if you’ve had a break for a while (more than a month) you need to ease back into it.

Pushing yourself to the limit from the first session after a long break is counter productive, it will make you too sore, discouraging you from exercising, slowing down your progress and could even injure you.

It is far better to kick-off with some bodyweight sessions, keeping the reps and sets low, minimising the exercises involved, and focusing on form.

A generic workout would look something like this.

Squat x 10 - 15
Pushup x 6 - 8
Alternate step lunge x 10 (on each leg)
Plank x 30 - 60 seconds
Rest and repeat 2 more times

This workout can be performed 3 or more times per week for 2 weeks. It can be completed in 15 minutes, it’s achievable, even for the busiest person, and will set you up for a win.

After the first two weeks the workout would then be modified, usually by adding more body weight exercises.

There should be a gradual progression over time, keeping the workouts achievable but slowly getting harder.

Of course everyone is different and what is easy for some will be difficult for others, if you’d like a free kickstarter program hit me up at and I’ll make sure you start back right.

See you in the gym