2 minutes with Elfi

What is your philosophy for life?

“What you give, is what you get " 

You get what you want when you work hard for it. However, you don't always get what you want immediately. I believe slowly but surely you will eventually achieve your goal and along the way you’ll create new ones too. 

What does a typical training session with your clients involve?

I like to define my sessions as “uplifting”.

Uplifting can mean different things to different people. For example, some people may find skipping rope fun, but some people may see it as child's play during a work out session. I always do my best to understand ones’ needs and help them to unlock their own potential.

Clients will enjoy new experiences and be pushed to new limits. 

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What are your hobbies?

Anything related to board sports- surfing or skating! I find that these activities require my 100% concentration. I am constantly challenged to coordinate my body movements. These activities get my adrenaline pumping the most. 

What’s it like working with Aaron?

Working with Aaron has never been stressful and communicating with him is quite easy. He is a very down to earth man and is always there to show me the ropes in this industry

If you could teleport yourself right now, where would you go?

Although I’ve not yet been there, this place has been on my mind for a while now- Palawan, Philippines. A family friend shared his family vacation photos with me and ever since I’ve been drawn to go. I describe myself as a “chillax” yet adventurous kind of person. The crystal clear waters of Palawan clear my mind. The non-urban environment makes me feel grounded. I am very active in my daily life, i believe it will be a good place for me to relax and find new inspiration for life.


If you would like to pursue your fitness goals with Elfi send us a email at info@ifcpt.com or call 8721 9972 to book in.