What is Sports Massage?

Whether you hit the gym regularly, sit opposite a computer screen for long periods or run around after the kids, we all experience some level of muscular aches, joint pain and fatigue. Some of us chose to ignore (may not be by choice) whilst others get a massage!

At the IFC Clinic on HongKong Street, Sports Massage is often incorporated into Physiotherapy treatments or offered as a stand-alone modality.

Have you ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy...dramatic pause the heart has stopped pumping? The Doctor performs cardiac massage and boom it’s now working! Or perhaps you’ve watched a game of football and noticed on the side-lines players receiving massages. Whatever the application, massage has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. 

Sports Massage is the manipulation of tissue to improve or prevent injury. Therapists implementing Sports Massage are required to have a more specific understanding of anatomy and physiology, that's why IFC's Therapists are training and qualified Physiotherapists. 

Use of the IASTM tool to add shearing stress to soft tissue in order to enhance the body's healing response.

Use of the IASTM tool to add shearing stress to soft tissue in order to enhance the body's healing response.


Sports Massage therapy targets:

  • skin
  • muscles
  • tendons
  • ligaments
  • fascia

Whilst the jury is still out on the exact physiological basis for its benefit it is widely reported that massage can 

  • improve blood flow
  • improve lactate oxidation and disposal
  • improve lymphatic drainage
  • reduce cortisol levels
  • increase feel good hormones (dopamine and serotonin)
  • activate the pain-gate mechanism (where the brain is unable to fully register painful stimuli when related touch receptors are activated)

How do you benefit from Sports Massage?

  • reduces anxiety 
  • promotes relaxation
  • improves range of motion and even out muscle imbalances
  • may prevent injury
  • aid recovery
  • bring about perceived improvements in performance

Sports Massage should be considered a necessity not a luxury. Whilst there are no definitive studies on how often we should book in for a Sports Massage perhaps more often than never is a good starting point!

There are some instances where Sports Massage may not be appropriate especially if you are hypermobile, have open wounds, some clotting deficiencies and suffer from certain skin conditions. 

It is highly recommended that after receiving a Sports Massage you hydrate to wash away toxins released.

Our therapists take into careful consideration your history, needs and concerns, tailoring a massage designed to aid your recovery and performance. 

To book in for a Sports Massage or see one of our Physiotherapists call 8721 9972 or email info@ifcpt.com