2 minutes with Nat

What is your philosophy for life?

"The burning desire within my heart to grow" ~Natalie Noah 

Constant progress, no matter how big or small, will all amount to a life worth living. 

Why pilates?

I never liked wasting time on exercise and when I found all the values in Pilates I was hooked. Pilates requires full body commitment to feel and see benefit.  

Pilates is focused on balanced lengthening and strengthening muscles. To mention only some of the benefits, strength and flexibility will came from progress in perfecting form.


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What does a typical training session with your clients involve?

A typical pilates class would begin with refreshing the basics before diving into refining the practice. On the pilates mat I focus on the breath to promote natural movement in pilates. During a class I would correct alignment as suited to the body's in front of me while transitioning between pilates movements. 

Personal Training would be focused on balanced muscle development, mobility and range of motion. In the gym I use functional strength training to improve posture, strength, flexibility and body awareness. 

Favorite place to eat in Singapore?

I love spicy food, if I'm looking for a good quick vegetarian meal MTR in Little India but Flying Monkey in Kampong Glam for a night out never disappoints.

Favourite getaway destination?

Nusa Lambongan Indonesia - a quiet island with great scuba and margirita's on the beach during sunset

How do you unwind?

Quality time with my husband and friends. With all the stresses one can find in life I find relief in smile times spent with loved ones. 

Any parting words for your clients?

Fitness is my career but people are my passion. When it comes to fitness I believe you should do it for the right reasons, self care not self control. Do you want to walk up stairs and feel good? Do you want to be able to play with your kids all day? Do you want to live longer? Whatever your inspiration let it make you move everyday. Just keep moving, whether its challenging your balance on a stability ball while you Netflix and chill or dance around the kitchen while cooking for your family or talking while taking a business call. Move your body in order to optimize your health.