Getting Back To Basics - IFC Personal Training Singapore

The Rio 2016 Olympics was my favourite so far, records were broken and history was made with our first ever Olympic Gold Medal.

Now the games are over, athletes will rest, recover, go on a holiday, but in a month or so they will come back and get ready for pre-season training. And what do all the athletes go through in the pre-season? They get back to basics. They go back to the foundation exercises and fundamentals that got them where they are today. Which brings me to this month’s topic, “getting back to basics”.

We may not all have the potential to compete at Olympic level, but we can use the same training principles to reach our full potential.

From time to time we all should take a break from training, rest, recover and reset, then get back to basics.

During this phase

  • Reflect on your training
  • What’s working and what isn’t
  • Make some new goals

You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym all the time, sometimes less work produces better results.

When you start back

  •  Strip your program down to the basics
  •  Concentrate on technique and form

A simple workout to start back could be a squat, push-up, lunge and a pull-up. Focus on your form and the firing pattern of your muscles, you shouldn’t add any weight until the movement is perfect, the idea is to fix any bad habits or faulty movement patterns that might have developed while you were pushing hard.

If you take the time to get the basics right you will reap more rewards and save yourself from injuries further down the track.

If you need any help with getting back to basics, speak to your IFC Trainer.

Stay Strong,

Carl Jan De Vries