Improve Your Push-Ups - IFC Personal Training Singapore

In the gym we discourage clients from practicing push-ups on their knees.

This isn’t just because we are mean, there is method to our madness.

Why do push-ups off your knees

  • Engages and stresses (good stress) more muscles over all

  • Greater activation of core muscles

  • Increased stabilisation required by glutes, lower back and posterior shoulder muscles

How to do a good push-up

  • Understand what good alignment in a push-up is

  • Glutes slightly activated to keep pelvis neutral

  • Abs tight to keep mid-section locked and rigid

  • Elbows turned at 45 degrees to keep shoulders happy

  • Watch for loss of scapula control (scapula winging)

  • Head in a neutral position

  • Maintain all this while going down to touch chest to the floor and returning to start position

How to modify a push-up when a full push up is too hard

  • Firstly, if you can’t do a good plank you shouldn’t attempt a push-up

  • Try holding the perfect position while performing a very limited range of motion, you will improve fast

  • Perform with your upper body elevated as pictured above

  • When you can do 10 reps in a row elevated, you should be able to do 1 good rep on the floor with the same technique and form

  • Come and see us at IFC for more options :)

 Stay Strong

 Carl Jan De Vries