January 10,000 stair challenge! - IFC Personal Training Singapore

This January the IFC team are inviting you to join them with their 3 week 10,000 stair challenge!

We all know that the festive season is the time to eat, drink and be merry, however all those fun and festivities can catch up on you, and play havoc with your personal health and fitness goals (might just be speaking from experience here!)

Stair training is the ultimate way to challenge yourself as well as burn off some that festive cheer.

So why stair training?

  • Burns maximum calories in minimum time;

The average 63kg person is estimated to burn 889 calories per hour running stairs vs just 476 rowing vigorously or 603 when fast paced cycling.

  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness; 

Running stairs, for short stints, as quickly as possible, makes your cardiovascular system work super hard to get enough oxygen to the large, demanding muscle groups in your legs, boosting your aerobic capacity. It is also requires maximum power from your muscles, so is essentially the equivalent of doing squats and lunges will an added cardio bonus.

  • Strengthens and sculpts your legs;

Stair running utilises all the muscles in your legs. Not only that, but it’s also basically a balancing act as you fight gravity to get from one step to the next. This can help activate muscles, such as the all important glutes, which are all too often neglected in our otherwise fairly sedentary lives.

  • It’s time efficient and free!

20-30mins of stair running usually delivers an incredibly efficient and exhausting workout. The majority of us will also have easy access to stairs, be it at home, work or in our local park. For this challenge the IFC team will be holding FREE stair running groups in fort canning. Believe me, this is to help motivate us as much as you…

How to run stairs:

  • Start with a 10 min warm up: this can consist of dynamic stretching, or as I personally prefer, a gentle jog from work to said stairs.
  • Run up the stairs as quickly as you can while maintaining decent running form (we don’t want any premature hunchbacks here!).
  • walk back down and catch your breath, as soon as you reach the bottom, run straight back up.
  • For those with a good base fitness level try running 10 sets of 100 stairs. For any exercise newbies out there, aim for 5 and build up as you feel able, don’t be afraid to push yourself!

 The IFC challenge:

Our challenge involves running a total of 10,000 stairs over 3 weeks (21 days).

This can be done however you like, though our team will be holding regular group sessions in Fort Canning Park where we will be aiming to 10 sets of 100 stairs a session. Should this be too easy for you there is always the option to add in extra sets, some push ups or planks in between.

So why not join us in starting 2016 fighting fit and creating habits that will last you the whole year? For more information:

Aaron Rolley