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Natalie is a Personal Trainer and certified Pilates Instructor. A technical background in construction yet always had a special interest in fitness. It wasn't until she discovered Pilates that she found her obsession for movement. It was the mental focus and combination of strength, balance and control of Pilates that caught her attention. As a trainer\instructor she is always finding new ways to move, stretch, build mobility and strength. 

Originally from South Africa, she found her passion to helping people move in Singapore. With a positive down to earth personality and big smile, she will make anybody want to achieve their goals.


Certified Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations, Burrell Education, 2018 

Qualified in Spine Corrector,  Pilates Bodytree, 2018

Certified in Pilates Matwork, Pilates Bodytree, 2017

Certified in Basic Anatomy and Prehab, Pilates Bodytree, 2017