Mona Jy

IFC-Wellness Physiotherapy & Sports Massage Clinic Singapore, Mona Physiotherapist & Sports Masseuse

Mona attended Masterskill University College where she earned her Diploma in Pharmacy and Asia Metropolitan University where she earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), 2016.

She completed her clinical rotations in army hospitals, rehabilitation and sports clinics in Malaysia where she treated patients of all ages with various orthopaedic, neurological and sport injuries as well as rehab for shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle surgeries.

She has been working closely with Chiropractors in Singapore where she was able to enhance her skills in nerve related conditions and comprehensive treatment. She also specialises in treating pre-natal women.

Mona is multilingual and can conduct sessions in Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English.

In her spare time, Mona enjoys practising calisthenics and spending quality time with family & friends.


Diploma in Pharmacy, Masterskill University College, Malaysia (2011)

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Hons), Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia (2016)