Are You Bored With Squats? IFC Personal Training Singapore

Are you bored with squats, dead lifts, chins, dips and push-ups? Not feeling your muscles burn during training? Would you like a new exercise that actually works?

Bored with Squats IFC Personal Training Singapore

 Before changing exercises run though this checklist:

  • Mindfulness – Think about the exercise you are doing, why you are doing it, what benefit you are going to get from it.

  • Proprioception - Know which muscles should be working during the exercise and focus on using those muscles, generally you should also be lightly squeezing your abs and butt. If you can’t feel the exercise you are doing it wrong.

  • Relax – During most exercises your shoulders should be relaxed, away from your ears and slightly retracted. You shouldn’t be holding on for dear life with your hands a firm grip is enough.

  • Perfection – Every single rep should be perfect, every time you do a rep with bad form, you are teaching your body a faulty movement pattern and most likely doing some damage.

  • Coaching – Listen to your coach, they are telling you something for a reason.

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If you'd like to find out more, myself or one of IFC’s Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists or Coaches would be happy to help.

See you in the gym.

Aaron Rolley