Healthy Cup Cakes - IFC Personal Training Singapore

Most of us want to be healthier, and eating the right food is one of the biggest components of good health.

Eating Organic makes sense, as the produce should have more goodness than conventionally farmed food. In addition a gluten free diet helps us restore gut health and reduce inflammation.

However replacing a cup cake with an organic, gluten free cup cake is not helping, you’re just paying more for your little treat.


  • Base your diet on vegetables, lean animal protein, some fruit & nuts

  • Try to eat organic, free range and wild caught whenever possible


  • Over eat, even if its healthy it still has calories, and excess calories will be stored as fat.

  • Replace your favourite snack with an organic, gluten free version

Eating for health and weight loss might seem confusing but it’s not, if you need help with your diet give us a yell, we know what we’re doing and the advice is free.

 Stay Lean.

 Aaron Rolley