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The common belief is that fruit juice is good for you... And it can be, if you're a hard charging athlete that needs a bucket load of carbs to fuel performance and speed up recovery time. But if you're trying to trim down a bit, maybe juice is not the best choice of beverage.

Why not?

• Liquefying fruit means you are essentially mainlining sugar; this plays havoc with your blood glucose levels as well as taxing your pancreas.

• Even if your fruit is 110% organic your body still can’t recognize the difference between that juice and a sugary soda*

• Liquid food isn’t exactly ‘satiating’ especially when compared to the natural way of obtaining sustenance, eating.

• It can also be very easy to over consume calories when they come in liquid form.

Here at IFC we feel there are different diets for different goals. If your goal is weight loss then we have found minimizing calories, especially the liquid ones, to be very effective.

If you’d like to find out more about how to eat for weight loss, athletic performance, or health, give us a yell and we’d be happy to help.

See you in the gym

 Aaron Rolley

*Whoa there but juice has all these vitamins and minerals that a soda drink doesn’t. True! But we’re talking about weight-loss and there are better ways to get your micronutrients without the sugary fructose hit.