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This is the time of year when people want to start fresh, wipe their slate clean or make new commitments for the year ahead. Most have either a fat loss or fitness related goal nestled in amongst their goals for 2014.

 I’ve trained hundreds of people and over the past 17 years working as a trainer I’ve heard A LOT of fitness confessions. Hard work with a trainer can make anyone fitter, I have no doubt about that, but let’s be honest not everyone obtains their ‘fitness dream’.

Below are the top five behaviours I’ve seen in the extra-ordinary people who achieve their fat loss goals.

How to lose weight

1.   Deciding today is the day to start

  • There will always be a reason to delay kick off, however the successful client just starts anyway.

  • The successful client starts immediately and usually achieves their goal within 3 – 6 months, then goes into a maintenance phase which allows treats to be reintroduced. The not so successful one is always starting next week, some are still waiting for the perfect time after 10 years of training with us.

2. Having a positive attitude

  • Knowing that eating right and training smart is making your body look and feel better

  • If you feel that life is not worth living without having a croissant and cappuccino for breakfast you might as well pick a new goal for the year ahead.

3. Sticking to your plan

  • Chopping and changing with the latest diet information will get you no where.

  • We don’t base our diet plans on what we think will make you suffer the most, we tell you what we know will work.

  • There will always be a diet online that says you can eat all the (insert favourite food here) you like and still be ripped within a week.

4.    Knowing change takes time

  • How long did it take you to store all that extra energy? (extra energy is stored as fat) It will take some time to burn it off as well.

5.   Moving on from set backs

  • Everyone slips up, but the successful person will jump straight back on the proverbial horse.

How to get super fit in Singapore

If that all sounds good and you’ve decided on your fat loss goal for 2014 the IFC confessional for the New Year is ready to hear you.

See you in the gym

Aaron Rolley