IFC Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage

IFC’s Sports scientists, Physiotherapists and Trainers have one goal - to get all our people to look good, feel great and perform at their best. We understand that everyone is built different and we personalise a fitness or rehab programme that is suited to your body and lifestyle. We know how to maximise your potential and help you feel great.

Every fitness goal has to be real, specific, measurable and most importantly an integral part of your lifestyle for the long-term. We will help you get there within a specific time frame, measure your progress and use  tailor-made methods suited to only your body.

We do all this with keeping precision of form at the top of our training methods, so as to avoid any injuries. The journey has to be an enjoyable and fascinating one, where you can positively witness and enjoy the transformation in your body and strength.

We want to be a part of your long-term fitness journey to optimum health.


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