The importance of Exercise Programming - IFC Personal Training Singapore

What is exercise programming and why it's important for you? 

Exercise programming (EP) is basically making a plan in advance for what you are going to do in the gym. An EP should be designed specifically to help you reach your fitness goal(s). Olympic level athletes have EP's that map out 4 years worth of training, this is to sync in with the Olympic cycle. They have very detailed programs to ensure they peak just as their competition starts. But the average person can make a simple program and still see some great progress,  to start you could just make a weekly program, and It should include;

  • strength day/s
  • cardio day/s
  • recovery day/s

Generally it's not enough just to plan what the training goal is for that day, you should also map out in advance what exercises (sets/reps/rest/time) you need to do. For example your strength session could include exercises similar to what is listed below;

  • Core exercises e.g.(squats, deadlift, push up, pull up, bench press, lunges) 
  • Accessory exercises e.g.(bicep curl, dips, tricep extensions) 
Sample IFC Personal Training program for a swimmer

Sample IFC Personal Training program for a swimmer

It is also good to record the max lifts (weight/reps) for each of your workouts, especially if your goals are strength orientated. It's important to have markers from which to gauge progress. Other markers could be;

IFC Personal Training Testing VO2 

IFC Personal Training Testing VO2 

Everyone should have an individual program tailored to their specific needs. There is no one size fits all type of program. EP's are designed for you to reach your desired goal within a certain amount of time. 4 - 6 months is usually a good time frame to work with and if you track your progress you will know if your program is working or whether it needs to be tweaked.

If you do not have a specific program yet, I suggest speaking with your trainer, discuss your goals and they will come up with the a program for you. It will help you track your progress, as well as help you to stay focused on reaching your goal.

Stay Strong, 

Carl Jan De Vries