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Here at IFC our international team of physio and sports therapists have sucessfully treated more foot and ankle injuries than they have had hot dinners.

While rehab can be fairly straightforward, we find that all too often clients wait until the issue has reocurred and become chronic before getting it checked.

Common causes include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Tendinitis
  • Plantar fascitis
  • A variety of foot and ankle fractures

In the acute phase, inflammation tends to be the primary cause of pain and tends to settle down easily with rest and medication. This often misleads clients into beleiving that the injury has healed itself.

Sadly this is rarely the case.

To undertsand this better, lets split these injuries into 2 very lose categories:


Damage to ligaments and/or periods of immobilization can result in disruption to our proprioceptors.  These act as movement sensors in our soft tissues to prevent excessive movements which could result  in soft tissue or joint injuries.

One of the main aims of rehab is to retrain these sensors. It is important to do this before you get back to your usual levels of activity to avoid repetitive re-injury as a result of instability.

Overuse injuries such tendinitis and plantar fascitis:

These tend to be caused by poor biomechanics and muscle imbalances putting strain on the joints and soft tissues.

Unless you treat the route cause, even after the initial inflammatory pain has subsided, you risk the problem reoccurring every time you start to change your activity levels or physically push yourself.

So don’t just let nature take its course, if you are experiencing pain in your foot, ankle or infact any joint, make sure you get a full assessment by a qualified therapist to make sure you idetify and treat the route cause once and for all.

Annie Henderson