IFC Now Has Pilates Classes - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

Here at IFC our goal is to keep our clients fit and healthy while helping them towards achieving their personal goals. In order to do this even better than before, we have added Pilate’s classes to our list of services.

IFC's brand new instructor Dipti graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy and went on to complete her training with The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute.  She has since specialised in sports injury rehabilitative training, Pilates and sports massage. So whether you have an injury you want to put to bed for good, or just want to work on those ab's, Pilates could be a great option for you. Below Dipti has put together some of the reasons why you should consider adding Pilates to your regular exercise routine:

1. Core Stability

The fundamental basis of Pilates is improving your core stability to help stabilise and protect the spine. Dynamic stabilisation is the ability to do this whilst moving functionally and exercising. This also improves balance and helps to prevent injury.

2.     Body awareness

Pilates forces you to think about your body. The small movement of engaging your core, keeping a neutral spine or focusing on breathing whilst moving your arms and legs is not as easy as it sounds.  You will begin to understand your own body; the pelvis, your shoulder blade placement, your ribcage and your posture.  Over time you will find this will transfer into other areas of your life and activities. It’s a total mind and body connection.

3.     Strength and control

Even though Pilates is a low impact form of training, it helps you to build a strong and balanced body which that you are able to control efficiently. The exercises in Pilates are functional so they transfer easily into your daily activities.

4.     Improve posture

 Pilates focuses on improving posture, building strength in the right areas and improving mobility and flexibility in others. This is particularly good for people who have sedentary jobs or for those hunched over a computer for most of the day.  A better posture is sure to transfer to other areas of your life and again will link to your own body awareness. 

5.     Sports specific

Professional and elite athletes are known to be using Pilates are part of their training routine because of the potential benefits. 1-2-1 sessions can be tailored specifically to your needs, the areas that lack mobility, are weak or where you’re more injury prone. Group sessions will focus on the entire body for balance.


The following are just some of the conditions that can really benefit from Pilates based training: -

  • Posture related neck and back pain

  • Injuries to the back/spine

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Hip and groin injuries

  • Knee and lower limb injuries

  • Sports specific strengthening programs particularly to prevent fatigue related injuries such as ITB friction syndrome, knee cap pain in runners and shoulder pain in swimmers

  • Pregnancy – a variety of pre and post natal conditions

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • Those with biomechanical/postural injuries

  • People without specific pain or injury wishing to do general conditioning and toning will also benefit from Pilates

 Pilates training once a week will help you become stronger, more agile and help to prevent injury in daily life or in sport. So, are you ready to give it a go?

Dipti Mistry