PRIMAL TRAINING - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

Thousands of years of evolution has carefully designed us humans to be able to fend for ourselves through hunting, gathering and general manual labour. Now the majority of our population have vocations which require them to be sedentary for prolonged periods of time. It's is a relatively modern phenomenon, which has become increasingly prevalent over the past few hundred years, now the new hunter is the white collar worker.

This sudden (in evolutionary terms) change in the way we use our bodies has not come without consequences. Biomechanical musculoskeletal problems are more prevalent than ever, with up to 80% of individuals likely to experience some sort of back pain at some stage in their lives.

While we can’t change the way we work, we can compensate for it in the way we train. Primal training helps us to relearn the fundamental movement patterns our bodies have been designed to do, this in turn allows our muscles to work within the range that they were designed for, preventing future pain and injury.

In primal training we focus on the following ranges of movement and structural strengths: -

  • Ankle + Toe (big toe especially) mobility
  • Hip mobility
  • Thoracic (middle) spine mobility
  • Shoulder / neck posture and positioning

 This conditioning will allow us to: -

 The results of primal-based training means you: -

  • Constantly use your whole body at a high intensity burning endless calories
  • By using the whole body the core becomes much stronger.
  • You will lose body fat and become leaner
  • You will become much stronger over a bigger range of movement helping to prevent injuries.
  • The skills learnt in this type training transfer into many other sports and running based activities.


Annie Henderson