Sports Massage Therapy - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

Every now and again most of us will enjoy having a massage; usually it’s the spa-type, that’s nice and relaxing. But what about a sports massage? Sports massage is not only ideal for someone engaging in regular physical activities such as playing a sport (professional or amateur), running or going to the gym, but it is equally as great for those with desk jobs who suffer from back, shoulder and neck tension.

Tense muscles and trigger points (a hyperirritable spot) can lead to abnormal movement patterns, muscular discomfort or pain in a specific area. Sports massage helps to treat this by focusing on soft tissue on a deeper level. It can sometimes be (a little) uncomfortable, and as some of our clients say, ‘it’s a good pain’. With a sports massage, a little pain comes a lot of gain.

Here are some of the benefits of a sports massage;

  • relief of muscular tension
  • improved circulation
  • increased muscular flexibility
  • improved joint mobility
  • scar tissue break down
  • break down of trigger points
  • helps to flush lactic acid
  • reduces chances of  future injury
  • improves post exercise recovery
  • promotes a sense of well being and helps to relieve stress

Sports massage not only has a positive effect physiologically but also psychologically. You’ll leave with a feeling of being able to move more freely and easily, you’ll be relaxed and feel great for knowing that you’ve benefitted from the entire list above too! 

Here at IFC our highly experienced team of qualified massage, sports and physiotherapists have extensive experience in manually working away those aches and pains. For further information why not pop into the clinic on HongKong street or give us a call on +65 9821 1222.

Annie Henderson