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Prehab training is great if you're considering stepping up your usual exercise regime or taking on a new challenge. It focuses on correcting posture, strengthening muscles and improving flexibility and mobility to prevent injury and help you achieve your goals.

Our day to day routines can result in a variety of muscle imbalances, especially for those who are sedentary for most of the day. Prolonged hours at a desk can lead to reduced mobility in the hips, poor posture and shortened muscles.

Prehab training works to correct these imbalances and weaknesses, while at the same time strengthening the body to become more efficient, functional and decrease the chance of injury.

It is also a great way to train to help balance your body or work on specifics to help you improve your sport performance or technique. It will boost your energy levels and put a skip in your step.

Rehab training on the other hand, focuses on returning strength, range of movement (ROM), correct movement patterns and decreasing chance of further damage following injury.

Anyone who has been injured will know how frustrating it is to be limited in what you can do, especially if it stops you from participating in your activity of choice. Rehab is an important aspect of training to get you back to where you were before, if not take you past that point.

The primary focus will be the area injury itself but once strength and ROM is returned, training can then focus on the body as a unit.

Here at the IFC Clinic our highly experienced team of qualified sports and physiotherapists have extensive experience in evaluating your muscle, joints, biomechanical and movement patterns. They have worked with a variety of people both to prevent and treat injuries, with great results.

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