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The gluteals are everyones favorite muscles these days. Not only is a great booty hugely in vogue (Nicki Minaj - Anaconda) but functionally and theraputically there is more focus on them than ever before.

Anyone who works regularly with a trainer or therapist will be all to familiar with the command ‘activate your glutes’, so why all the fuss?

These days the majority of us work in relitively sedentry desk jobs. Sitting for prolonged periods can often result in:

  • Tight, overactive hip flexors
  • Weak, stretched out and inactive glutes

So why does this matter? To understand better lets have a closer look at the 3 muscles in question.

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The Gluteus maximus (above) – as the name suggests, is the largest of the 3, its main functions are:

  • Hip extension (prime mover)
  • Hip external rotation
  • Hip abduction 
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The Gluteus medius and minimus (above) work closely together and are mainly responsible for:

  • Hip abduction

  • Hip external rotation (posterior fibers of glute med)

  • Internal rotation of the thigh (anterior fibers)

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As the glutes are involved in most movements of the hips/pelvis they also act as crucial stabilisers during bipedal activities such as walking or running. Any weakness or lack of activation can have fairly significant knock on effects for the back, hips, knees and ankles resulting in:

  • Muscular lower back pain
  • A range of hip pains and problems
  • Knee pain and malalignment
  • Poor lower limb biomechanics
  • Foot and ankle pain.

So how can the IFC team help?

If you're concerned that your glutes aren’t pulling their weight why not pop down to the clinic for an ass-essment. Our trainers and therapists can help work with you to ‘switch on', activate and strengthen your glutes. While our physio team can help to treat any secondary aches or pains as well as help to release any chronically tight, overworked muscles. So why not let us help to make you look, feel and move better today.

Annie Henderson