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Every now and again most of us will enjoy having a massage; usually it’s the spa-type, that’s nice and relaxing. But what about a sports massage? Sports massage is not only ideal for someone engaging in regular physical activities such as playing a sport (professional or amateur), running or going to the gym, but it is equally as great for those with desk jobs who suffer from back, shoulder and neck tension.

PRIMAL TRAINING - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

While we can’t change the way we work, we can compensate for it in the way we train. Primal training helps us to relearn the fundamental movement patterns our bodies have been designed to do, this is turn allows our muscles to work within the range that they were designed for, preventing future pain and injury.

IFC Now Has Pilates Classes - IFC Physiotherapy Singapore

Here at IFC our goal is to keep our clients fit and healthy while helping them towards achieving their personal goals. In order to do this even better than before, we have added Pilate’s classes to our list of services.

IFC's brand new instructor Dipti graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy and went on to complete her training with The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute.  She has since specialised in sports injury rehabilitative training, Pilates and sports massage. So whether you have an injury you want to put to bed for good, or just want to work on those abs, Pilates could be a great option for you

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