Team Physio's favourite neck exercises

Spending the day glued to a screen or child can definitely set those neck and shoulder muscles off. As humans we are creatures of movement and habit. It is important to take regular breaks from the task at hand, reset and repeat often. Team Physio suggests setting a 30 minute alarm on your phone as a reminder to do the same.

Below we share with you our favourite exercises. If you feel that you require an assessment or guidance why not book in to see one of the team?

Siraj- Upper Trap Stretch

“It is the most effective stretch for people whom sit at a desk for work or maintain prolonged static postures.”

  • Drop your ear towards your shoulder (not bring your shoulder to your ear) and apply over pressure with your hand.

  • Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat throughout the day.

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Preet- Levator Scap Stretch

“In patient’s who complain of neck and shoulder pain, I love to prescribe this stretch. It gets into all those juicy bits that originate from the base of the skull and extend along the top of the shoulder. To get the most out of this stretch, take note of the technique. Since it is a stretch it shouldn’t feel painful- no more than a 4-5/10 on a pain scale where 10 is the worst imaginable pain. You can adjust the stretch by applying less pressure through your head or have your arm hanging by your side instead of being keeping it in the small of your back.”

  • Place one hand in the small of your back, palm facing outwards

  • Turn your head to look 45 degrees

  • Drop your chin into your chest (or nose to armpit) with the help of your free hand applying overpressure

  • Hold for 1 minute and repeat throughout the day


Claudia- Shoulder Retractions

'“A rounded upper back can cause stiffness and back pain. Performing exercises to strengthen your back muscles and lengthen your chest muscles will help correct a rounded posture. You don't need to lift heavy weights to develop the upper back strength needed for good posture. This simple band exercise activates your back and improves scapular retraction to help the shoulders stay back and down instead of rounding forward.”

  • Start with an elastic exercise band held in both hands above your head

  • Pull the band apart as you bring your arms down towards shoulder level, (as though you are trying to make your shoulder blades kiss).

  • Repeat 3 x 10 daily for improved strength


Mona- Shoulder Shrugs

“A great exercise for the Trapezius muscle. It can be done as a warm up, strengthening the upper back or to help alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders.”

  • Shrug your shoulder up towards your ears and pull away from the ears

  • Now squeeze your shoulder blades together and continue to shrug your shoulders and down


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