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Let’s face it, we all have days (usually after one too many wines) where we decide that the whole job thing must be fairly bad for us. Well, if you happen to have a predominantly desk based job you may actually be right.

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The human body is the bi-product of thousands of years of careful evolution. Unfortunately over the last few hundred years our lifestyles have essentially stuck two fingers up at this. These days the average adult spends approximately 9.5 hours a day sitting down compared to just 7.7 hours of sleeping. The proposed negative health effects have been so severe it has been even hailed by some as ‘the smoking of our generation’.

Negative side effects include:

  • poor levels of concentration
  • increased risk of heart diesease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure
  • musculoskeletal pain, commonly, but not exclusively affecting the neck, back and shoulders

Sadly, for the majority of us, the side effects of not earning a living are probably also fairly significant, so what can we do to find a healthy balance?

  • break up sitting by making time to stand up, go for a quick stroll around the office or by investing in an adjustable standing desk
  • exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body fat percentage, look after your cardiovascular health and help manage stress
  • consider including muscle activation exercises and stretching into your weekly exercise program to address inevitable muscle imbalances
  • get any frequent aches and pains checked out and treated by a qualified physiotherapist quickly after they happen, don’t wait for them to become chronic
  • ensure your work space has a good ergonomic set up

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