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Sports massage should play an essential role in the life of any athlete, injured or not. Here is a short round up of some of the benefits and things to consider when booking in with myself or the beauties (yes that includes you too Mark) here at IFC.

Physiological benefits:

-     improved circulation

-       elimintaion of lactic acid (an irritating bi-product of strenuous exercise)

-       increased joint range of motion

-       increased soft tissue flexibility

-       decreased  muscle tension

-       reduction in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

-       decreased chance of injury

-       decreased neurological excitability (nice chilled out nerves)

-       reduced recovery time between training sessions

-       scar tissue realignment

When should you book in for a sports massage:

These techniques can either be used immediately prior to an important sporting event to prepare your muscles or afterwards to relax them. It is important that you let your IFC therapist know what the desired effect is so they can tailor their treatment to you. The optimum time described in the literature for muscle recovery is around 2 hours after your event.

What to expect:

While sports massage is designed to relax your muscles, the  techniques used may not always be massvely comfortable, and sometimes, depending on your pain threshold, fairly sore. This is mainly because we need work deep into the muscle especially if we’re aiming to break down adheisions or scar tissue.

We are aware that everyone has different pain thresholds so if you’re concerned just have a word and we’ll be nice.

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Our therapists will often use deep tissue massage when there is chronic muscle tension or injury. It is important to work on these issues as they can result in adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limit movement, and result in inflammation.

After a strong, post event massage its really important to take it easy and rest. Its also essential to hydrate yourself to help flush through all the toxins and metabolic bi-products.

If your therapist has used deep tissue techniques you may also experience muscle bruising and pain for up to 48 hours afterwards. In the event of this, relax, ice the area and if necessary take some anti-inflammatories.

Any further question or try out a sports, deep tissue or relaxation massage give us a call or have a word with your IFC trainer.

See you in the clinic

Annie Henderson