IFC Pilates Matt Work Classes Singapore

The APPI Pilates practice has been developed and modified by Physiotherapists so that they can be applied to the clinical environment for rehabilitation and low impact exercise.

The benefits are designed for those with lower back issues and postural concerns. As well as a great workout, learn how to finely tune your body, work on core strength, mobility and improve mind versus body control.

Additional benefits are increased energy, improved breathing habits and a feeling of relaxation.

We offer private sessions as well as group classes (max 7 people per class).

A great body conditioning class that will partner perfectly with your current training. Feel better, stronger, more mindful and energised with this low impact yet challenging class. Pilates targets core muscles, improving your posture and developing a more efficient body. Classes are for a maximum of 7 and are suitable for beginner and intermediate level.

Benefits include:
- Improved mobility
- Overall body strength
- Development of leaner muscles
- Improved posture and hip stability
- Increased shoulder stability and core strength
- Develops a better mind and body connection

Tuesday 7.30pm, Saturday 9am
LOCATION:  39 Hongkong Street, #06-01
What to bring: Towel and Water

We recommend that those with no experience of Pilates take a private introductory session before joining classes

Tel: +65 87219972

39 Hong Kong Street, 06-01, Singapore (click me)