Mamma’s Comeback

So six weeks ago today I gave birth to my second beautiful son. As you can imagine it is crazy, wonderful, hectic and I am rediscovering how little sleep I can run on. The biggest difference though between this one and the first is that I am determined to get fit and healthy again much quicker.

It should be easy right? According to celebrity mums like Scarlett Johansson or Mila Kunis the key to weight loss is simply breast feeding. I know this works for loads of mums but sadly not me. I breast fed my first one until he was one and my body stubbornly held onto an excess 8 kgs or so until I stopped. So for me getting my body back means plain old hard work.

This is me 15 kgs lighter as a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, funnily enough I was actually two weeks pregnant then and had no idea. This picture is my goal and inspiration for where I am aiming to get back to. It’s less about the weight and more about the tone and how good I felt back then. That and I want to be able to get my wedding band back on!

There are a lot of adjustments I need to make, usually in a situation like this I try and do it all at once – that rarely works because one little glitch and I feel like the whole thing is kaput. So I am going to do it step by step, this week my aim was to just get back to the gym and start. The first session is always the hardest, I’m proud to say I did it though and as I write this the day after I am in a world of glorious pain and loving it.

Next week I tackle my biggest vice – chocolate!