Week Two – Ouch

People are wrong when they say taking the first step is the hardest. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard to book that first session into what precious little time you have, tough to pull your slightly squishy body into some slightly too tight exercise gear and don’t get me started about all the things that can go astray as you try and exit the house.   But all that said in that first session you feel kind of good it’s all new again you are willing to give it a go and your muscles are nice and fresh …… then you wake up the next day with what is affectionately known as ‘delayed muscle soreness’


So I think the second session is the hardest to get to, you are in a world of pain and it is so much easier to make excuses. Luckily for me in committing to a weekly blog the excuses would not wash, so I smiled (read grimaced) through the pain and made it back twice more to train last week. 

It wasn’t pretty though! My husband was amused by watching me try to bend down to play with our toddler and pick up after him, each cycle took about 5 minutes each direction – why do toddlers want to sit on the floor so much? As for dealing with the new born, Cirque du Soleil would have been proud of the acrobatic moves I pulled trying to stand up while my legs felt like someone was setting fire to them and I was holding a sleeping baby in my arms. Every time I had to stand up I was thinking:

1) Don’t fall over:

2) For the love of god don’t let the sleeping baby in my arms wake up; and

3) I’m going to kill Aaron – actually the thought of chewing out Aaron at the gym may have been what motivated be to go back for session two.

But I did it. And by the beginning of week two when I saw at least some of the weight had started shifting I felt good enough to start the whole damn cycle again. 

You can see my exercise schedule here <coming soon>

My food highlight – Paleo Prawn and Pork Pad Thai (From Luke and Scott Clean Living Fast Food)