Week 4 - Happy Mother's Day she called as she tumbled off the wagon.

I hope all the Mum's out there had a wonderful Sunday.  It was my first Mother's Day this year as a mum of two. The two kids thing is still all a bit new so probably not the relaxing day of thanks like you see in the greeting cards but it was beautiful all the same.

Fortunately for celebrations, but unfortunately for my longer term goals, Mother's Day started on Friday celebrating with my Mum before she headed back to Australia and continued through a few different catch ups till Sunday night.

Now while I'm proud to say I did not succumb to any any chocolate (seriously I can hardly believe it myself!) but there was plenty of gluten free cake (no it's not healthy but it tastes good) (How to eat gluten free) along with some beautiful ice cream servings. So while I still clocked a 1kg weight loss this week I am not looking forward to next week, when I have a feeling it will come back to bite me.

My plan of attack is to up my cardio on my non PT days, short bursts between kid wrangling is the hope. 

You can see my exercise schedule here <coming soon>
My food highlight – Pepper Beef Stew - awesome that night and for the next three days!  (From Going Paleo by Pete Evans