Week Three – What I can now do in one minute which I used to fail at all week

Chocolate, I love it. It is my biggest vice, my easy snack and my go to when I’m bored. The problem is 60g of chocolate is going to take about half an hour solid running or weight training to burn it off – ouch! But even knowing that once the chocolate is in the house I find it really hard to resist.

So this week inspired by my first little 1.5kg loss I decided to try something new. I flexed my will power muscle for one minute in the shops and just didn’t buy the damn stuff. Normally I would pop it in the trolley with promises to myself I would just have a small amount, or only on the weekends and it never works. I basically spend a whole week trying to work my will power muscle and failing then feeling worse and worse about it.

Now with it out of the house I can think about it and want it all I want but it isn’t on tap so I can get past it, get distracted and move on.  That also means now when I do my one hour PT session instead of just working off the extra I’ve indulged in it’s all pure gain (well loss).

Quick note on the work out, we are still upping the ante slowly, it still hurts and I still feel weak in the arms and legs compared to what I remember. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was feeling better each session. :-)

You can see my exercise schedule here <coming soon>

My food highlight – Full Japanese Garden breakfast recipe – so easy to make and delicious for breakfast or dinner (From Red Magazine – full recipe)

Net net - It’s much easier to engage your will power for one minute to not buy the chocolate than challenge your will power all week once it’s in the house.