Dipti is a fully qualified Sports Therapist with a degree from London Metropolitan University. She specialises in all forms of injuries, from assessment to full rehabilitation to get you back to playing sports or moving pain free. A combination of techniques involving sports massage active release technique, dry needling, joint mobilisations, and corrective/functional exercise allows her to correct movement dysfunction and imbalances in the body as well as the injury itself. Also, as our Clinical Mat Pilates instructor she incorporates, core strength and body awareness into her rehabilitation leading to more energy efficient movement patterns and postural awareness which reduces the risk of further injuries.  

Previous work on the field has given her vast experience with ankle and knee injuries, from broken bones to sprains and muscular strains. Through Pilates she has developed a deeper understanding of chronic over-use problems and postural/ muscular imbalances that are often related to lower back pain, shoulder and neck issues.  

As well as clinical practice she has worked with Redbridge Football Club (Head Sports Therapist), Bedok Kings RFC, Laos National Team (2016 SEA games), the Dutch National Women’s Hockey Team (TPG International Tri-Series 2016) and most recently with the Fiji and Scotland National Rugby 7’s Team (HSBC Singapore 7’s).



BSc (Honours) Sports Therapy

APPI Mat Pilates Level 3

OMT Dry Needling

Immediate Care in Rugby Level 2

Certificate in Athletic and Kinesiology Taping

BA (Honours) Dance Studies